Storing Your Collection Properly

By August 3, 2016 News

Storing Your Collection Properly

Anyone who has ever had a hobby collecting things knows how quickly a collection can grow, especially when the items in question take up a lot of space. Even stamps and other small collectibles can start to add up after a while! Some collectors may be lucky enough to have a spare room in their home to proudly display their accomplishments, but very often collections end up getting stuffed unceremoniously into attics, basements and garages.

This is no way to treat something you’ve spent years compiling, but storing your collection in a self storage unit can be the perfect way to properly care for it. Some self storage units are climate controlled, so collections of comic books or other items that may be vulnerable to weather fluctuations will be in a temperature controlled space. This can be a great means of storing excess items in your collection that you might not need to put on prominent display, as you can keep those favorites in your home and move the rest to an off-site location.

Many self storage facilities are now equipped with video surveillance cameras to provide extra peace of mind. This is in addition to fences and sometimes even a manager who lives on-site.

Don’t let your collection collect dust in your attic somewhere! Storing your collection can help you to stay organized and keep your hobby going strong for years to come.