Is the site secure?

State-of-the-Art access control, high quality surveillance cameras, onsite managers, good neighbors, well lit, high quality construction, latest door locks.

Is the facility centrally located and accessible?

Close to where you live/work. Convenient office and access hours.

Is the unit right for your needs?

Size, cleanliness, ease of access, climate-controlled (Great for storing items that are sensitive to climate changes

Is professional onsite management available?

There is always someone around when you need them that is helpful, understanding and accommodating.

Is the Legal agreement reasonable?

Easy to understand, reasonable terms and up-front pricing.

What are the payment methods?

Credit Card, direct billing, auto-pay, over-the-phone, check and cash. Discounts for longer term rentals.

Is the site professionally maintained?

Safe environment, pest control measures, clean and professional.

Does the price meet your budget?

We recommend that our clients look for the best value -which is not always the lowest price.

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